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Notice to Members

For the coming year competitions will span Saturday and Sunday.  Event results will be determined after the Sunday competition taking into account Saturday and Sunday scores.

Greenfee players will be unaffected.

Ballan Golf Club is a picturesque country course located on the banks of the Werribee River. It offers a shady tree lined course which is mostly flat with a couple of short steep hills, river crossings, and Santa Ana couch greens.

Ballan Golf Course was founded in 1924 and is currently a Par 62 course. The course record is 58 and this has only been achieved once. For those looking for a golf challenge in a beautiful location then this is the course for you. The course is only 78kms from Melbourne and is easily accessible from the Western Highway (follow the signs from Ballan).


Please Note

The Match Committee reserves the right to alter the program as seen fit

It is the responsibility of the members to familiarize themselves with the following:

  1. Local rules applying on the day of play
  2. Conditions of the major trophy events (refer to notice board in clubhouse)
  3. That their score card is correct and signed prior to handing it in


Disputes about scores should be brought to the notice of the Captain, Match Committee or those checking the cards on the day, before the card is handed in.

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House Teams Events

10 rounds in the months January to November.

Fairbairn Cup

Round 1 - May 25th

Round 2 - June 8th

Semi-final (by) July13th

Final (by) July 20th

Papworth Cup

Qualifying February 17th

Semi-final (by) April 27th

Final (by) May 18th

Club Championships

1st Round March 2nd

2nd Round March 9th

3rd Round March 16th

Final March 23rd

McIlvena Cup

Round 1 - August 17th

Round 2 - August 24th

Semi-finals (by) September 14th

Final (by) October 12th

Monthly Medal

First Saturday of each month.

Reg Larcombe Memorial Trophy

Every Wednesday Nov. to Oct

Gold Medal

November 2nd

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